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Micractinium sp. ASYA36

IMU Code: 2S-1a

Phylum: Chlorophyta

Class: Trebouxiophyceae

Genus: Micractinium

Strain: Micractinium KSF0094

Origin: Horseshoe Island, Antarctica

Locality: Stone surface in a running water on the Horseshoe island

Type Culture: 

Isolator: T.Çakmak

Geographical Details : 67°48'09.8"S 67°18'16.2"W

NCBI Accession # : ON817196

General Maintenance Conditions


Temperature:15 °C/10 °C (D/N)

Light source: mix of warm-white & cool-white fluorescent lamps

Intensity:3200 lux (maximum)

Light period:16/8 h L/D

Media: TAP

Morphological Features of  Species

The cells are spherical in shape and cell size around 5-8 µm. Chloroplast single, parietal/cup-shaped with an ellipsoidal pyrenoid.

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