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Klebsormidium sp. ASYA17

IMU Code: 2H-9A

Phylum: Charophyta

Class: Klebsormidiophyceae

Genus: Klebsormidium

Strain:Klebsormidium sp ACSSI

Origin: Horseshoe Island, Antarctica

Locality: Snow microalgae covering the snow surface

Type Culture: 

Isolator: T.Çakmak

Geographical Details : 67°49'36.6"S 67°13'38.7"W

NCBI Accession # : ON729304

General Maintenance Conditions


Temperature: 15 °C/10 °C (D/N)

Light source: mix of warm-white & cool-white fluorescent lamps

Intensity:3200 lux (maximum)

Light period:16/8 h L/D

Media: BBM

Morphological Features of  Species

The filaments are long, tendency to disintegration and approximately possed 7.3 µm width. The length-width ratio of the cells is (6.03min)9.1(11.21max) x (6.11min) 7.3(8.56max) µm. The cells are cylindrical-shaped and cell wall is moderately thickened. H-fragments are rarely present and chloroplast covers half to 2/3 of the cell inner surface with smooth margin. Pyrenoid is large and surrounded by several layers of starch grains. K. flaccidum cells in liquid media forming superficial hydrorepellent layer whereas on agar forming undulating colonies (Mikailyuk,2015).

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