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Chloromonas sp. ASYA24

IMU Code: FL-1

Phylum: Chlorophyta

Class: Chlorophyceae

Genus: Chloromonas 


Origin: Dismal Island, Antarctica

Locality: From the snow surface

Type Culture: 

Isolator: T.Çakmak

Geographical Details : 68ᴼ.05.35,5S-68ᴼ.51.10,2 W 

NCBI Accession #

General Maintenance Conditions

Temperature: 15 °C/10 °C (D/N)

Light source: mix of warm-white & cool-white fluorescent lamps

Intensity:3200 lux (maximum)

Light period:16/8 h L/D

Media: BBM

Morphological Features of  Species

Biflagellate unicells variable in shape from spherical to spindle-shaped, some asymmetric.  Lack pyrenoids, separating them from Chlamydomonas (Guiry 2012). The color of cells from green to red depends on the relative concentration of chlorophyll and carotenoids, especially astaxanthin (red). The yellow and red accessory pigments aid in blocking UV radiation thus are prominent in exposed habitats such as snow.  Nonflagellated cysts tend to dominate near the surface of snowfields, while flagellated cells are located in deeper layers with less light intensity (Novis et al. 2008).

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